Study of mirna-873 expression in ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis and ovarian cancer (review)

Zahra Sadeghi,1,* Ali najafi,2 Seyed abdolhamid angaji,3

1. Msc of Genetics, Islamic Azad University Of Tehran-North, Tehran, Iran
2. Msc of medical Genetics, Tehran Univesity of medical science, Tehran, Iran
3. PhD, Department of Biology, Kharazmi Uni, Tehran, Iran



Micrornas are small non-coding rna molecules that have functions in post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression. ectopic pregnancy (ep) is a complication of pregnancy in which, the embryo attach outside the uterus. endometriosis is the growth of the lining of uterus (endometrium), outside this organ. the third gynecological condition of this study is ovarian cancer which is a malignancy developed inside or outside of an ovary. while many reasons can be effective in these diseases, micrornas as epigenetic mechanisms, could have important roles. aim we discuss about three reproductive diseases and answer this question that “does mirna-873 have different expression in this three diseases or not?”


In this mini systematic review, we used “ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis, ovarian cancer, and mir-873” as key words and searched them in “pubmed and google scholar” databases.


We found from the articles that mir-873 is down regulated in ep when compared to control tissue samples. all studies showed that mir-873 expression is down regulated in endometriosis, too. this mirna is more expressed in normal follicles in comparison with atretic follicles. although mir-873 have a role in drug resistance in many cancers, the role of mir-873 in ovarian cancer remains unknown.


Mir-873 had the highest sensitivity for detecting ep. we suggest that mir-873 could be a valuable biomarker for the early detection of ep or endometriosis.


Ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis, mirna-873, ovarian cancer