Diagnosis of cytomegalovirus in sinusitis by molecular method

Sepideh Khodamoradi ,1,* Mohammad hassan shahhosseiny,2 Mahsa malekmohammadi kalahroudi,3

1. Iranian Gene Fanavar Institute (IGF), Tehran/Iran
2. Department of Microbiology – shahr-e-Qods Branch – Islamic Azad University –Iranian Gene Fanavar Institute (IGF), Tehran
3. Iranian Gene Fanavar Institute (IGF), Tehran/Iran



Cytomegalovirus is one of the important viruses that can cause a wide range of diseases in humans. sinusitis is a common infectious disease in human societies, which mainly mixed infection and produce by synergistic of multiple agents. the study of the role of cmv is negligible. the purpose of this study is the rapid and accurate detection of cmv in suspicious samples by pcr method.


Using standard strain of cmv and extraction of dna from it and glycoprotein b gene target, an optimal pcr test was performed and then examined for specificity and sensitivity. 70 samples of sinusitis were collected from the rasool akram hospital. the dna of the specimens was extracted by dng method and a pcr test was performed to detect cmv on them


Using agarose gel electrophoresis, the product was found to be 257 bp. in the specificity test, a positive response was obtained only with dna of cmv. limit detection (lod) 10 genome/reaction achieved. out of 70 samples tested, 20 samples (28%) were positive by pcr test.


Due to the involvement of several factors in the development of sinusitis and test in this study, cmv can be a contributing factor in the development of sinusitis in humans. the pcr technique in rapid diagnosis of this agent can be effective and efficient for rapid identification.


Sinusitis, cmv, pcr, diagnosis