Combination of ultrasonic waves and dynamic shear stress by design of a novel perfusion bioreactor for 3d bone tissue engineering

Mohammadreza Safari hajat aghaei,1 Ghassem amoabediny,2,* Hadi tabesh,3 Behrouz zandieh doulaby,4

1. Faculty of New Sciences and Technologies (FNST), University of Tehran,Tehran, Iran
2. Full professor, University of Tehran, Dept Chemical Engineering, Tehran, Iran
3. Assistant professor, faculty of New Sciences and Technologies (FNST), University of Tehran, Iran
4. Department of Oral Cell Biology, Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam and VU University



It is shown that mechanical loading by ultrasound enhanced cell proliferation and differentiation. the aim of present study was investigation of synergistic effect of lipus and shear stress in a perfusion bioreactor by design a new perfusion bioreactor that can connected to the ultrasound probe and exposure the 3d scaffold on its ultrasonic wave near field (3.22 cm) from >3mm distance of scaffold without any contact and effect on sterility from outside of bioreactor chamber.


Bioreactor chamber was made by 3 sealed glass parts that has a place for ultrasound probe connection. scaffold’s dimension was 20mm*7.5mm that treatment 20 min/day by ultrasonic wave (frequency 1.5 mhz and intensity 30 mw/cm3) from exogen device (smith & nephew inc., memphis, tn, usa) with 3.5 cm probe diameter. g-292 osteosarcoma cells (37 ºc, 5% co2) were seeded on plga/β-tcp porous scaffold and cultured in dynamic bioreactor with 150 µl/min flow rate. the cells were evaluate for cell viability (alamar blue® assay) after culture.


The alamar blue assay results shown that after mechanical loading by lipus on dynamic culture were increased cell proliferation on 3 and 7 days, 13.98% and 10.7% respectively (p < .001).


Our data demonstrate stimulatory effect of lipus for g 292 osteosarcoma cells in perfusion bioreactor. stimulation by lipus offer as a tool for applying controlled mechanical force to cells for targeted differentiation and proliferation of stem cells in 3d bone tissue engineering within perfusion bioreactor.


Ultrasound perfusion bioreactor shear stress bone cells