Self-concept among infertile women receiving oocyte donation and fertile women

Marziye Reisi,1,* Seyede fateme mirrafiei,2



one of the technologies used to assist fertility is oocyte donation. although there is sufficient information about medical aspects of oocyte donation; the psychological aspects of this treatment are not well-known. self-concept investigates psychological aspects of people and therefore the aim of this study is aimed to compare self-concept of infertile women undergoing oocyte donation and fertile women.


In this descriptive-analytical study, 53 women selected using convenience sampling were divided into two groups of infertile women undergoing oocyte donation and fertile women. data gathering tool in this study was two questionnaires including demographic information questionnaire and rogers’ self-concept questionnaire. data was analyzed using chi-square and t-test with the help of spss16 software.


The findings showed that self-concept of the majority of participants in both groups was weak. the score of infertile women undergoing oocyte donation was higher than fertile women and the difference between two groups was significant (p=0.045).


Based on the results, it can be said that infertility and treatment using oocyte donation weakens one’s self-concept. therefore, it is necessary for authorities to make arrangements in order to evaluate mental health of infertile women undergoing oocyte donation.


Self-concept, infertile women, oocyte donation candidate, fertile women,