Gankyrin expression in ovarian cancer and its correlation with clinicopathological parameters

Khadijeh Jamialahmadi,1,* Noorieh sharifi sistani,2 Maryam matbou riahi ,3 Khalil abnous ,4



Gankyrin (p28gank) is a novel oncoprotein which regulates the phosphorylation of retinoblastoma protein (prb) and degradation of p53 and promotes the tumorigenicity and metastasis of some solid tumors. however, there are only a few reports on the role of gankyrin in ovarian cancer. therefore, in the present study we aimed to investigate the expression of gankyrin in ovarian cancer and its correlation with some clinicopathological features.


The expression of p28gank in fifty-seven epithelial ovarian cancer specimens and twenty non-neoplastic ovarian tissues was studied by immunohistochemical staining and the results were correlated with clinicopathological parameters.


Results showed that gankyrin was expressed in 48 of 57 (84%) ovarian cancer patients and its expression was significantly higher than ovarian normal tissues. out of all the clinicopathological factors analyzed, gankyrin overexpression was significantly correlated with histopathological tumor grade. there was also a statistically significant difference in the intensity of cytoplasmic gankyrin among mucinus, serous, and clear cell types.


Gankyrin was over expressed in 67 % of ovarian cancers, particularly in high grade tumors 79% (23/29). gankyrin overexpression is of clinical significance and it may be as a useful biomarker for the identification of aggressive ovarian cancers.


Gankyrin, ovarian cancer, immunohistochemistry, oncoprotein